Business Growth Hub

On Thursday I attended our first Business Growth Hub event. I have been meaning to get down to one for a little while now but I am very glad that I managed to make time for this one.


Business growth Hub


The event was a Sales and Marketing workshop run by Paul Henry, Managing Director of Sales And Business Development Strategies Limited. I can honestly say that it was an incredibly eye-opening workshop, Paul managed to really delve into what it takes to get customers coming through your doors. He explained what it takes to get the right people coming to you, rather than a constant struggle to seek out clients with ineffective efforts.


I am sure that everybody in the room came away feeling inspired and ready to take action. The feedback that I received from fellow attendees was overwhelmingly positive.


There was one particular section of Paul’s workshop that really stuck a chord with me – the”Three Growth Multipliers”. The general idea of this is that it is much more effective to increase your efforts across lead generation, sales conversion and customer maximisation rather than constantly focusing on the lead generation side of things. By increasing all three areas you will end up with a much larger pay off.


Lead Generation * Sales Conversion * Customer Maximisation = Revenue


This resonated with me because it is something that we see everyday here at Hired Help PA.


We have clients who are busy focusing their time on trying to get initial leads through marketing and working in their business, performing whatever operation it is their business does. That means that they are often too busy to take calls because they are busy performing the day-to-day tasks.


They are seeing their marketing and advertising efforts and investment go to waste by not being there to collect the leads that get generated from this activity. We regularly see our customer’s businesses grow when they start to use our telephone answering service because they have someone on hand to start taking their calls and capturing their leads. By improving their sales conversions, as Paul pointed out, a business can easily increase their revenues. If you can’t capture and convert the leads you are generating then increasing lead generation is a waste.


Not only was the workshop brilliant but the networking side of things was also great. There were lots of small business owners who had a mindset that was towards the aim of improving their business. I managed to connect with some awesome people.


Other aspects of the Growth Hub have been excellent too. Having met several of the staff now, they are all really nice and go out of their way to do as much as they can to help you. Their advice has been spot on and really valuable to us.


The next step will be utilising their mentor programme. I am looking forward to getting involved more with the Growth Hub and implementing the points that I learned in Paul’s workshop.



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