Choosing The Best Telephone Number

phone numbersYour choice of telephone number can have a big effect on what prospective customers think about your business. It is surprising what an impact it can have.


Ofcom report that 65%-78% of consumers either won’t call, or are unlikely to call, telephone numbers used in adverts if they use these types of numbers: 0845 (65%), mobile (70%), 0870 (73%), 0844 (76%), 0871 (78%).


Those stats are pretty interesting. You can see how bad for business it could be to have your mobile phone number on an advert, you could be losing 70% of potential leads!


It is all to do with how consumers perceive the number. Some consumers may think that your business is unprofessional if you display a mobile number. Ofcom also found that people are less likely to call numbers that they perceive to be more expensive to call and/or are unfamiliar with them.


Which type of number should you choose? Based on the data from the research that Ofcom collected it would seem that an 01, 02, 0800 or 03 are the best. This is of course unless you have a special reason to have a different type number.


01 and 02 are geographic or ‘local’ numbers. They are the standard, all-purpose numbers that you will most commonly see. They show your location, for example 020 is London, 0161 is Manchester. These numbers are so great because everybody understands them and how much it costs to call them. It used to be that it was unable to take these numbers with you if you moved away from that telephone exchange but now to the wonders of VoIP technology (the technology Hired Help PA uses) they can be taken anywhere in the world.


business man phone number0800 numbers are generally used for marketing or sales to encourage customers to call because they are free. They are used for marketing campaigns because businesses can track the results of adverts by giving each advert a different 0800 number. Although this is becoming more obsolete with the power of VoIP technology – we can issue you different types of local numbers easily through our system. The upside of this would be that you don’t have to absorb the charges as normally would happen with an 0800 number and those who are calling from a mobile don’t get put off by the charges.


The majority of people know that they are free but not everybody does. 64% do, while 36% don’t. This could potentially discourage some people from calling you. One strategy might be to say in the advert that it is free to call your 0800 number.


03 numbers are relatively new and were introduced in order to replace 0870 as non-geographic numbers. They are good if you want to look as if you have a national presence.


They cost the same to call as a normal geographic number and have the advantage over 0800 numbers that they cost the same from a mobile as they do a landline. Because 03 numbers are new it is likely that it will take a time for consumers to become aware of them and may be suspicious of them for a while. However, I think they will prove very popular and are very useful for companies – this is why Hired Help PA uses one.


Overall, these four types of number are all very useful and are generally much better than other 08 numbers, unless of course you have a special reason. At Hired Help PA we can help you get set up with any of these numbers and even help you to take your calls too. Call us today if you would like us to advise you further.

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