How We Work

Our goal is to provide the best quality service in our industry. Start Now !We know that the way to provide the best service is by having the best people. We know that there is only one way to do that, not flashy marketing campaigns and technical jargon, but great people. To provide the highest quality service we need to have the best people who will take care of customers.


Instead of treating our agents like battery hens, cooped up in pens, 100’s to a room, HHPA agents have the luxury of working from home, using our state of the art equipment.

Work from home telephone agents


This means our agents are much happier and more motivated than somebody on minimum wage in a noisy, crowded call centre.


We strive to go the extra mile for you and our agents pride themselves in being able to go further than any other company.


Sometimes having an edge can be just one thing; other times it is the combination of many small things, that when put together, make you that bit better to deal with than the other company.


It doesn’t matter what type of business you are, Hired Help PA can do something to enhance your business.


Things like:

•             Never missing a call and going to voicemail

•             Capturing every business lead

•             Being able to clinch every possible sale

•             Booking every appointment enquiry

•             Book every session for your therapy business

•             Book every table in your restaurant

•             Getting quotes out in the post, while you carry on working

•             Getting a mail campaign out or taking calls for the response


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