Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

We are excited to announce that Hired Help PA recently became part of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. We are hoping to get involved as much as we can through events and all of the other wonderful things that they do.


We would recommend any business joining the Chamber. So far we have been very impressed. Within 50 minutes of us signing up they were on the phone to us with a referral. Talk about getting a quick return on investment!


greater manchester chamber of commerce


The referral hasn’t been the only great thing about our experience with the Chamber so far. The events that we have attended have also been brilliant. Being in a room filled with other business people who hold the same mind-set is a real asset to any organisation. Which events have we been to so far?


Quarterly Economic Briefing – I was skeptical about this event before attending. An economic briefing… before breakfast. I was expecting to have to bring matchsticks to prop my eyes open with. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It was an incredibly insightful event, delivered by a very good speaker, Dr John Ashcroft, Chief Economist at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. In fact, I found it so interesting that I couldn’t stop taking notes. The work that the Chamber is doing in this area is really amazing. In their words:


“The information that Chamber members give to the QES is extremely powerful and we use this to inform the Manchester Index, which is our tool for modelling what is happening in the local economy and how this matches with an astonishing level of accuracy what the whole UK economy is doing.”


See more about the event here.


Action for Business Trafford – This lunch time we attended an event in at the Emirates Stadium in Trafford for Action For Business Trafford. Not only did we get to hear from Cllr Sean Anstee and discuss the future of the Trafford area but there was also a chance for plenty of networking with the 40+ attendees of the event. We are looking forward to the next Action for Business in Manchester.


We are off to a good start with our Chamber membership and things only look to get better. Keep your eyes peeled for us cropping up in Chamber publications over the next few weeks.



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