How Start-Ups Can Gain Credibility

Tips for startupsLife can be tough as a start-up. Often businesses can overlook you because they think you are too small to do business with, or worry about dealing with a new business. This can all mean that it is a constant uphill struggle to get those first few client on-board.


By making yourself seem bigger and more established than you are can give you a certain amount of credibility that can help you win business and gain a reputation in the market place. We have compiled a list of the best hacks that I have seen people use to make themselves come across more professional and bigger than they were at the time.


1. Offices


Nobody is interested in doing business with someone operating out of their Mum’s bedroom. However when you are just starting out this can be all that is available before you have the money to get yourself a proper office.


There are a few ways that you can overcome this. Here are some of the best ways that we have seen.


The now famous entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den Start, James Caan, started out his recruitment company from a broom cupboard. He knew that having an address in Pall Mall in London would give his business a load of credibility, but of course everything there was way too expensive for him to afford.


In the end he managed to rent a windowless broom cupboard in someone’s office that was so small the door couldn’t open fully as it was blocked by his desk. He obviously couldn’t bring clients into this office so whenever they arrived at his office he would meet them downstairs and tell them all of the meeting rooms were booked out and took them to a local cafe. This made his business seem like he not only had an office in a respectful location but also that it was so busy that there were no free rooms. Clever stuff.



Another story comes from a friend who set up his marketing agency from nothing while he was at college. He obviously couldn’t afford an office at the time. Instead he borrowed offices from a local business that he had partnered with whenever he needed to meet a potential customer. His clients were none the wiser and this gave him enough traction to get his now very successful agency off the ground.


One common solution is to rent a desk or use a co-working space. This gives you a cheap way of having an office to rent whilst also being in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can help you out. Our friends over at Desk&Co offer start-ups the ability to rent a desk in co-working spaces and offices with spare capacity all over the world. If you are looking at renting a desk it is definitely worth taking a look at what they have to offer.


2. Giving Out A Landline Number


The number that you give out can give a huge impression to prospective customers. We have already covered this in a previous article, but let’s bring it up again:


Ofcom report that 65%-78% of consumers either won’t call, or are unlikely to call, telephone numbers used in adverts if they use these types of numbers: 0845 (65%), mobile (70%), 0870 (73%), 0844 (76%), 0871 (78%)


Wow! Those are some pretty shocking results. You could be losing out on up to 70% of your leads if you are still using a mobile as your main number. That is business that could be going straight to your competitors. Having a landline number gives the impression that you are more established and will be more reliable so it is an essential for any new business.


However, landlines can be expensive, take ages to set up and telecom companies can want you to sign lengthy contracts. We can offer you a landline number within minutes that can be diverted to your mobile all thanks to VoIP technology. We can also get one of our professional PA’s to take your calls for you, which brings me onto my next point…


3. Having Someone Answer Your Phone


Telephone answering serviceNothing gives a better impression than a professional receptionist answering your phone. Getting your calls transferred to you when you want them, or having messages taken for you can not only take a load off your mind but also create a brilliant image for your company. It can make it appear that there is a team around you and lend some credibility to your business. Much better than a potential customer reach your voicemail.


Many businesses use our service for this very reason. They know just how devastating it can be for a customer to reach a voicemail. We ensure that our customers get a good image for their company and never lose sales.


More about our services can be found here.


4. Awards And Certificates


telephone answering for startupsOne way of giving your brand some credibility is to win awards and complete industry certifications. Although it is perhaps not always easy, wining awards will not only get you plenty of recognition in the press and local business community but it will also allow you to be seen as one of the best in your industry. In fact, even you can even show-off that you were nominated for awards – it still shows that you have been recognised for your efforts.


Getting as many industry certifications and standards as possible will make you look professional and allow people to put their trust into you.


Make sure that you show these awards and certifications on all of your marketing materials, whether it is flyers or your website.


Bonus Tip: Stop Using Gmail


When you are first starting out it can be very tempting to use a personal email address or even a “” type address. However this just screams un-professionalism. It is far better to create an email address from your website domain.


start up call answering


Fundamentally, all of these tips will allow your customers to trust you which is incredibly important when it comes to business. By creating the impression that you are more established than you are, it will get businesses to consider your services far more seriously than they would have. Now go out there and make sure that they aren’t wrong to put their trust in you.


Find out how we can create a professional image for your company today by calling 0161 2410410



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