Pure PA

Our PA’s can provide a variety of different levels of services to meet what you require. Start Now !


Virtual Receptionist

We can act as a front desk for your business. It is like having a professional receptionist without taking on the expense, commitment and hassle of a full-time employee. We answer your calls, putting through any callers you want us to or taking detailed messages. No more “Press 1 for….”.


Technical Call Handling

Let us deal with all of your inbound calls and customer management. We can take care of any calls including product based enquiries and orders, emergency call outs, support calls and much more.


Bookings and order taking

Want us to take bookings for your restaurant or orders for your business? We can do so and then log this appropriately. For more information look here.


Media response

If you are planning to run a new marketing campaign we can be on hand to take the boost in calls that you are expecting. This is a much lower risk method to ensure that you are ready to deal with the increase in calls than assigning staff to the job.


Emergency call out

We can offer emergency call out solutions for your business. If you need someone to receive calls and relay messages to call out units we can handle it.



Want to run an outbound marketing or research campaign? Contact us today to discuss what you have in mind.


Anything else?

Want us to do something not listed here? We provide many other call services so drop us a call today and we will find you a solution.