Restaurant and Event Booking

Running a busy restaurant or events based company can be a hectic job meaning that it is often hard to get to the phone. Start Now !


Don’t miss out on bookings by missing calls. We can take your calls and provide you with a booking system. This means that we can check availability and menus so that we can book in your clients for you, allowing you to get on with what you do best.


Take a look at our video demo below:


You have full access to our booking software so that you can update and check bookings whenever you like. On top of this we record all of your client’s information so that you can track customers, find your best customers and use our system to send out offers and emails. Using this personalised marketing method has seen some of our restaurant client’s business increase dramatically.


Here is what one of our restaurant clients had to say about us:

“It’s always frustrating running a busy restaurant, knowing we were missing table bookings, as we were too busy dealing with clients in the restaurant to take calls in peak time. Now Hired Help PA can take my bookings and log them straight into the reservation system. It means I can fill every table and my business has increased more than 20%.” – Karl Bennetta, Peruga Restaurant.


Unlike most other booking systems, ours is live, meaning that both Hired Help PA and the event organiser can access it at the same time to make bookings and adjustments.


Below are some screenshots from the system.


restaurant booking system


This screen shows that when known callers are recognised by the system. Our PAs can search by postcode, phone number or name to find the details of the caller. Alternatively they can take them down during booking so that you capture all of the details of your customers. This not only means that they will be recognised whenever they call up, but also that you can send marketing materials to them. Our clients have found this to be incredibly effective. They use our system to send out offers for events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and birthdays. The email address will also be used for sending a confirmation of booking.


*note the red dotted lines are where information has been blanked out for security purposes.



Restaurant and event booking



In this screen you will see a zoomed out view of the previous screen. You will note all of the different functionalities that our system features including the option for management to add notes for things such as which menu is running.



restaurant and event booking software


The screen above shows the booking screen. It shows all of the different tables which are available as well as where booking have been made. Both the restaurant and the agent get a copy of this and can make bookings LIVE. Not only this but online bookings can also be easily linked too. Management can block off times that they don’t want to accept anymore bookings with the click boxes at the top. The pink columns then appear making it not possible to add bookings in that space.


You will see the numbers at the top of the screen underneath the check boxes. These display the amount of covers in this time-slot. When bookings go over the amount set by management for this time-slot they turn to red.



event booking


Once a booking is ready to be made, a screen will appear where our agents can add notes as well as options for things such as highchairs or private/surprise parties. In addition, another screen will be spawned for taking deposits and pre-orders if the management has set a rule to do so. This deposit and pre-order option is useful for things such as large parties and special events – it will help you ensure that you no longer have any no-shows and the kitchen has an order ahead of time. Customers can fill out pre-orders through a link they will be sent in their confirmation email, or they can do it over the phone.


What happens when someone rings your restaurant when you aren’t in or busy serving customers?


Stop stressing about your phone ringing and let us fill your restaurant today.