4 Signs That You Need To Get A Call Answering Service

Not getting enough business? Finding that there isn’t enough hours in the day? See if any of the below applies, if it does, you might need a telephone answering service!


Customers Want To Speak To People – Not Machines


What happens when someone calls up your business and it goes to voice mail? Make no mistake, if they were enquiring about your business they will have probably just tried one of your competitors. Business lost. If they were calling up to complain and are greeted with voice mail it will only put fuel onto the fire. Just imagine when this happens 3 or 4 times.


Spending All Of Your Time On Unnecessary Calls


Sales calls can be a big time burden, not to mention be very annoying. Let us take all of your calls and you can simply decide if you want us to patch the call through to you. If you want us to get rid of someone for you we can easily take a message and pass it on.


You Are Losing Business 


If you are busy in meetings, visiting clients or working out of the office you could be missing lots of business. This is one of the biggest reasons that people use our service – because they are busy working or spending time with clients. It can be a frustrating problem so let us take of your calls so that you can get on with spending time with clients. Then when you are free you can call them back.


Staff Are Expensive


Staff can be one of the largest costs to businesses. Let’s not even mention the enormous hassle of the recruitment process, having to sift through CVs, conduct interviews and perform training. On top of that, there is all of the legislation and red-tape that burden small businesses when they are employing staff.


Keep that to a minimum and let Hired Help PA take on the extra work effort. Let us be your virtual receptionist for a fraction of the price and none of the hassle.



You Don’t Spend Enough Time With Friends And Family


As a business owner it is hard enough as it is to find the time to spend precious time with friends and family. Let us lighten your load so that you have the freedom to enjoy time with your family. Want to take some time off or go on holiday? We can safeguard your business, making sure that your calls don’t go unanswered.


If all of this sounds like you need to get Hired Help PA, take a look at our packages.


You can take a look at our packages here.

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