5 Steps For Social Media Success To Grow Your Business

Social mediaThere is a huge buzz about social media at the moment and it is easy to see why. It can be a huge boost to your business by creating cheap leads and great brand awareness. However it can also be very confusing and hard to do properly. There are so many platforms out there now which one do you choose?


It is just as tricky to be able to get people to engage with you and to grow your following. So how do you do it successfully if you can afford an agency to do it for you? Well read on to find out how some of the top social media experts operate.


Select Your Weapon


Should you be on all social media platforms? Or should you focus on a few, or even just one?


At first it might seem logical to try and be on all social media platforms but this can soon lead to demotivation as you find it hard to keep up with all of the different accounts you have. It is much better to be focused on a few select accounts where you can begin to provide real value so you are able to grow and engage with an audience.


The trick to selecting which platform(s) to choose is to know your customers because you will then be able to select the network where the most of your customers are ready to engage. Not how I say “ready to engage”, this is because if for example you may have a lot of customers who are on Facebook, but if you are selling wholesale coal (a B2B product) the prospects might not be in the mindset to engage with your page – they would much rather browse through their neighbor’s holiday pictures. Instead LinkedIn might be a much better choice because it is a business network so their mindset will be ready for business.


Below is a social media cheat sheet (click to enlarge) to help you decide which network to choose. They miss out on a few key networks too. Such as:

Social media infographic
Source: The Drum

Pinterest – which is good for target women


LinkedIn – which is great for B2B and recruitment


Instagram – which is effective when it comes to graphic/videos


This should give you a basic overview of the top sites but do some research to find which one is best suited for your customer base.





The next step is to kit out your profile. Nobody wants to follow someone on Twitter a profile with no header image and nobody wants to be connect with someone on LinkedIn without a profile picture. It doesn’t give a good image for your company so make sure that you have all of the images and information on your profile filled out.


On top of this is essential that you get the correct size images so that they don’t become distorted or cropped out. You might need to get a graphic specially designed.


People are less likely to follow/like/connect with a profile that doesn’t have any connections already. A good way to overcome this is to invite all of your friends to like your page and then get all of your employees, friends, family, dog, cat, long lost cousins etc to invite all of their connections too. This should give you enough initial traction to get started.


It might seem weird to start posting to an account that nobody is following, but an empty account doesn’t give people much of a reason to start following you in the first place. The tweet or the followers is the new chicken or the egg, except this has been solved – the tweets definitely need to come first.




As I am sure you do with all of your marketing, you need to measure your social media impact. There are several key ways to do that. First is to use the analytics that are provided by the platform you are using, this should be able to tell you more about who is following your page.


The next thing is to make sure that you can track any sales that result from your social media campaign, because at the end of the day this is what counts. You can do this with your website analytics.


Finally, a good way to measure how many people are clicking on the links you post is to use a link shortener such as Bitly which is free to use.




One of the most important but tricky aspects of social media is to get your audience to engage with you. There is no point in having 10,000 followers if nobody is interested in what you are saying.


The best way to get people to engage with you is to post content that your audience will enjoy enough to like and share (which are the actions that will help to grow your page because other people will then see). Again this comes down to knowing your customers. Do they like funny cat pictures or do they like strongly opinionated articles? Experiment and see what works for you.


Remember post an image for a lot of the posts you make, it will get seen more and engaged with a lot more too.


Tools Of The Trade


There are a few tools that we use here at Hired Help PA to make our lives easier. Here they are:


HootSuite – A great tool that allows you to manage several social media accounts from the same dashboard. You can also schedule posts, view different aspect of your accounts and look at analytics. We also use the Chrome browser plugin so if we are ever browsing the internet and find an interesting article that we want to share, we can do so without leaving that page. Clever stuff.


Bit.ly – I have already mentioned this so there isn’t much more to say. It is great for measuring the impact your posts have by the amount of people that click the link. Use it.


Mobile Apps – I have all of the mobile apps on my phone so I can Tweet, post, connect and reply to people whilst on the move.


You can take a look at our social media accounts here:










Got any more tips? We would love to hear them in the comments!


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